January 2, 2010

LIFE FACETS: Financial

Editor's Note: This is a goal breakdown for one of my eight life facets – includes where I am now, a being statement, 5-year goals and goals for 2010. Some of the goals are tangible and some our intangible.


Where Am I Now: MESS!

• Extreme debt b/c of business (mostly credit cards)

• Limited Savings

• No investments – except for wife's 401K

Being Statement: Money will never be an obstacle for my family

By 2015, I will have...

– Make $10,000 gross monthly income

– Have all e-Partners in Giving debt paid off

– Have substantial portfolio in place

2010 Goals:

– Put together budget w/ wife

– Hire financial counselor

– Put 12% of all income into savings & invest at the end of the year

– Pay off wife's car

– Consolidate debt to one low-interest credit card

Goal Breakdown

Accountability Coaches

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