February 15, 2009


This is how people on a budget spend Valentine’s Day!

Tanya and I received a complimentary VIP invitation to the pre-opening dinner at The Keg Steakhouse in Arlington. It was one of those “practice runs” for the entire staff – hostesses, wait staff, cooks, managers, etc.

It cost us $5 per person for dinner and drinks were half price – all proceeds going to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

We had an AMAZING dinner for $16 (plus a hefty tip, of course).

I highly recommend the food and atmosphere at The Keg – and I applaud their incredible willingness to give back to BBBS.

That was our big Valentine’s night out (photo below).

Now, the gifts….

Tanya rolled over in bed the other night and the following conversation took place:

TANYA: Let’s not do gifts this Valentine’s Day.

ME (half asleep): OK

TANYA: I’m serious. Don’t say OK and then go buy me something.


TANYA: I know you, Drew. You’re so sweet, and you say you won’t…

ME: Girl…no gifts!

Tanya gave me a kiss on the cheek and rolled back over. A few second later…

TANYA (with her back to me): Let’s get each other oil changes.

ME: (not stirring): I love you!


Rich said...

Dude, Oil Changes rock. I got Jenny a Dyson last year.

Nothing say's I love you like a Vacuum.

Anonymous said...

This not so much about the post but about the new pictures on your "banner". Ummmm, I don't know how to say this....your main pic, you with the thumbs up....ummm, your arm looks like a grizzle bear. Is that YOUR arm? Or a brown wool sweater?

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