February 2, 2009

EXPERIMENT: Mixing Business with Adventure

I'm in the midst of an incredible experiment.

I'm attempting to go on a 5-day ski trip to Vail for less than $130 – WHILE running my company.

Once again I want to reference "The 4-Hour Work Week," because that's essentially the whole premise of this incredible book. You set-up a business that you can run from anywhere in the world – one with a limited amount of daily operations, but profitable enough to fund these inexpensive adventures.

There is a whole formula on how to do this, but I just wanted to put e-Partners in Giving to the test – not to mention my ability to be frugal. 

To honor my blog requirements that I have placed on myself – I will post throughout the week about pulling off this endeavor. I will focus on the financial aspect and the business aspect.

FINANCIAL (Goal: $130 – Amount spent: $0)

• Trip Details: Flew out of Dallas Love Field at 4:15 p.m. and arrived in Denver at 6:10 p.m.

– Airline ticket: Free (spouse benefits through Southwest Airlines)

– Lodging: Free (staying with cousin)

Meals: Free (cousin's wife cooked us some homemade lasagna – finished it off with ice cream and freshly baked cookies)


Able to monitor partnership web sites with laptop and wireless internet

– When flying, had company's Director of Giving monitor the sites

– Took advantage of flight time to type up proposal for local publication (potentially a tremendous vehicle for the e-Partners in Giving brand)

– Able to follow-up on business-related e-mails via Blackberry during travel – including very brief layover in Oklahoma City

– Utilizing cousin's wireless internet to check sites, monitor analytics, send e-mail to developer, and update blog


Petey Parker said...

You go Guy! I'm a total believer in the 4 day week - and somehow it all gets done - and gets done better! Petey

Dana St. Germain said...

I believe that whatever work you give will be done in whatever time you alot me. Multi-tasking is amazing! Enjoy your trip.

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