February 24, 2009

ME & ANTHONY: A Day at The Farm

Anthony, my Little Brother through BBBS, and I had a great day at my Mom and Dad's house recently. They live out in the country, and there are countless activities to keep a 13-year-old boy occupied.


• Anthony got to drive "the Mule" – an all-terrain vehicle (photo below).

• We were charged by a bull.

• Spent quality time splashing around in the river with the dogs. (Anthony tried to dam up the Brazos.)

• We hit golf balls off the hill and into the woods. (The only bad part about that, you had to go out and try and find them.)

• We got got up close and personal with all the animals, including longhorns and donkeys.

It was just a great day. Anthony is a wonderful young man. I pray that I'm making a difference in his life.

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