January 22, 2009

SOLD OUT: Craig's List has been conquered

I did it!

I sold my sink.

I am no longer a Craig's List virgin.

It may have been one of the easiest sales I ever had to make, too. (I will say this ... Craig's List makes it extremely simple.) I've already started looking around the house for other items.
If you missed the poetic ad that led me to this proud moment, here it is:

(click to enlarge)

Seriously, I really enjoyed the whole experience – from writing the ad to getting that heavy sink out of my garage.

The best part was the couple who bought the sink – Chelsea and Corey. Chelsea and I talked on the phone for 10 minutes – we're like old pals now. Corey, who picked up the sink, was very cool about letting me snap some photos for my blog.

(I sort of felt like a dork at first, 
but just like gas...it passed.)


1 comment:

Mike B. said...

You didn't get the open-mouth "Drew" pic, but, you did get him to give you the "thumbs up." He probably couldn't get out of there fast enough. :)

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