January 18, 2009


EDITOR'S NOTE: I've made a conscious blogging decision ... From this day forward, I am going to post "mini nuggets" five days a week (Sunday through Thursday), and write a blog post with some "meat" once a week. The "minis" will be interesting/inspiring articles, videos, or random thoughts and/or updates. It will also give me a vehicle to spread out my smaller posts over a couple of days. (Instead of making really long blog posts, like I have a tendency to do.)

So, without further ado..."mini nugget" No. 1:

I have taken steps to mark No. 55 off of my 101 List. I have placed a classified ad on Craig's List. (I've never done this before.)

If you are interested in buying a "cast-iron, double-bowl sink," you've got an inside track. Make sure you read the disclaimers on the potential sale, though.

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