October 5, 2009


I constantly use the phrase "wonderfully great."


I wanted to remind everyone – including myself – of its origin.

This blog post was from November 9, 2008:
I was checking in at the Pittsburgh airport recently, I heard a conversation between a customer and a ticket agent that stopped me cold.

The customer was a middle-aged gentleman with a mental disability. When the gate agent asked how he was doing, he responded in the most genuine tone you can imagine. “Wonderfully great,” he said with a proud smile. (It was almost like he was thrilled she actually inquired.)

I couldn’t help but smile, too.

When the ticket agent was assisting me, we briefly discussed the dialogue between her and the gentleman. We both agreed that if anyone asked either one of us the rest of the day, we’d both be “wonderfully great.”

As I walked away from the ticket counter, I wondered why everyone can’t always choose to be “wonderfully great.”

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The Commish said...

I agree. It is a choice. It can 't always be wonderfully great, but if we can redirect our attitude here and there, I believe we can build character from days when things don't go well.

Attitude and motivation are everything.

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